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Still Images

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East Gate Before and After Photos

El Sobrante East Gate - Before and After

The purpose of this project was to communicate the results of several years of public outreach and planning.  To open public dialogue and preview potential outcomes of plans in progress, PVR’s team worked with Contra Costa County’s Redevelopment Agency to summarize studies, compare prototypes, and produce simulations for public communication. 

PVR created computer visualizations applying design principles of New Urbanism to revitalize the main streets through town and to create a new town center.  Public Vision Research formulated urban design concepts and architectural themes based on the community studies, reports and direct dialogue with the Redevelopment Director and County project staff.

Visualizations included transportation improvements, traffic-calmed streets, bike paths and transit facilities, public art, a community gateway, mixed-use development, and a new town center.

Client:  Contra Costa County Redevelopment Agency


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