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Community Planning and Facilitation

Spartan Keyes Neighborhood Improvement Plan Amendment (December 2008)
Client: City of San Jose Redevelopment Agency, Strong Neighborhoods Initiative

san jose city planningThe purpose of this project was to create an update to the 2002 Spartan Keyes Neighborhood Improvement Plan. As part of the community planning process conducted during the creation of the 2008 Spartan Keyes Neighborhood Improvement Plan Amendment, a new list of Top 10 Actions were prioritized by residents. The Public Vision Research team organized and facilitated two community workshops which led to the creation of the Top 10 Actions. Following the workshops, Public Vision Research worked with City staff and community members to write the final report which documented the Spartan Keyes community’s new set of priorities.


Click to download: Spartan Keyes Neighborhood Improvement Plan Amendment (December 2008)



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